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2008 Online meeting chair

November 26, 2010

The initial idea for the online meeting chair, came from an open office environment. The big problem in Open Offices is  that sometimes you have to longer methinks that requires quietness, but a meeting room is not always available and might be too much for just one person.

so I started thinking about what is really necessary when you have a meeting online with a lot of other participants?

It’s very important that you feel you can talk privately.

It’s very important that you sits well and can easily access the chair and special features.

You should not be disturbing others while working.

And the chairs should be an interesting object in the office landscape.

The chair could also be a resting place and you need to relax for 10 minutes and listen to music.

If the chair is placed in the reception area, waiting guests could be entertained with company information on their chance to check their e-mail  before heading in to the meeting.

here I put two chairs in the front lobby of the new office.   The point was  to eliminate the front desk,  and just have the two chairs. Members of the staff would be able to see persons coming in through the glass window and would be able to react to it. It would also be possible to have other exhibition in the front hall of the products the company might be selling  or producing.

I had the last meeting chair to show that you can also create more fun and entertaining looking models, without jeopardizing the  prime functionality of the chair.  the basic idea is that a meeting chair can really show the personality and  corporate image of the company.

What do you think?

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Is the Negerkys Chair real? or is it just a consept? 😀 It’s amazing!!

john jr.

January 24, 2012

The chair was build in a model only as a concept. I’m not sure how far they wend with it afterwards. But I made quite some concepts on this type of chair. They are really mend as a meeting chair, or a chair where you can work in peace.


January 31, 2012

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