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2010 ProChords 1.2 iPad, iPhone app

Here is a very interesting Music application, I was the SCRUM Product Owner / Master in the creation process of the application.

Prochords contains a huge database of more then 12.000 chord-progressions, and there is endless possibilities in twisting and tweaking your chord progressions to fit your exact needs.

The intuitive interface makes it easy for you to be creative and forget about technology, and just write the music you have in you.

My task in this exciting project has been to keep track of the offshore developers and making sure that all features needed was identified and documented and that the release schedule was kept. And to gather chord progressions form professional musicians, and verify them.  All chords was tested and all node sheets was scanned for later documentation and manually typed into the database.

And there was a lot of node sheets and a lot of data!! But we had been very lucky to have a very good team member, who knew how to type in things without adding errors and human bugs in the database.

The database was later tested with scripts,  to see the likelihood of any chord progression errors,  and all possible bugs we found, was then fixed manually.

Prochords is almost 2 years old now, and we are still working on making it better.

The new release 1.2 is designed for iPad, and we have implemented some new and most asked for features like the Recorder.

Prochords Home Page

Prochords 1.2 Tutorial video

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